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As of 28/12/2017:

Topic Index is indexed up to 01/26/2018
Interview Index is indexed up to 1/19/2018

Accelerate your learning:

Adjustable Shawls:

Alpaca Yarn Buying Guide: 

Alzheimer's and knitting:


Armhole depth:

Art (knitting as art)

Art (but is it art?): 

Back Neck Shaping: 

Bands and Borders:

Barbie Factor:  

Bind off: See Cast off

With a Blow Dryer: 

Blog Anniversary:


Blogs, how to find knitting blogs:


Body Image and Knitters:

Bone Structure:

Book Reviews:

Buttons and Buttonholes:

Bra straps:

Braided Join: 


Calculators (Knitting):

Casting on:
Without a knot:
Large numbers of stitches:  
Centre out methods:

Casting off:



Choosing Sweater Patterns:




Converting Knit to Crochet:




De Quervain's Tenosynovitis: 


Design Theory:

Designer Interview list, go to the bottom of this page.

Different Dye Lots:

Difficulty Levels:

Digital Scale:

Discontinued Yarns:

Dumbing down patterns:

Dyer Interview Series


Economics of Knitting:



Ergonomics for Knitters:


Estimating Yardage 

Ethical Fashion 
European versus North American Standards in Knitting


False Choices:

Famous Sweaters:


Fashion Bloggers:

Field Guide to Knitters:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


First Sweater: 


Flatter (make it):


Fudge Factor: 

Fully Fashioned Shaping:

Garter stitch tab shawls: 

Generators (Knitting Calculators): 



Gloves (How to Knit) here:  
Part 2 can be found here.
Part 3 can be found here.
Part 4 can be found here.
Part 5 can be found here

Motif Placement

Golden age of knitting:  


Graft paper for knitters:

Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns:

Hand Dyer Interviews: 


Health and Knitting: 

Helix Kitting: 

High Fashion Knitting:

How to convert gauge here:

Hot weather knitting:

How to wear shawls and wraps:






Knit Power: 


Knitter's Magazine: 

Knitting with an injury: 

Knots in Yarn:

Lace knitting tips: 

LandMade event:

Learning Complex Skills: 

Length, how to measure

Life Lessons:



Maintaining Stitch Pattern:

Manifesto of Knitting: 


Men, knitting for:

Mission (knitting):

Model vs. Mannequin:

Mannequin Size and shape:

Multiple strands:


Needle sizes:

New Year resolutions:

Online Pattern Resource:

Organizing your Hand Knits:

Outfit of the Day (OOTD): 

Oversize Garments (
Tips for Knitting):


Pantone Colours:  

Pattern Drafting - Design a long series here: 

Pattern Grading:


Pattern Length: 

Pattern Sales:

Pattern Support:

Patterns (The dumbing down controversy):

Pattern Support:

Pattern Writing:

Personal Style: 


Petite Interview:


Plus Size Knitting:

Popularity of Patterns:
Problem Solving:


Professionals (Knitting):

Public Speaking:


Qualities of Fabric: 
Weight and texture

Quirky Knitting and Crochet:


Ravelry Project Numbers:

Ravelry Tips:

Ravelry Top 5 Patterns:

Rebellion and Knitting:
Reading your Knitting:

Rules of Knitting:

Sanquhar Knitting:

Scarf Craze:  



Searching inside the blog 

Self Promotion: 


She Makes Hats

Shop Owner Interview Series

Shawl Construction:

Shetland Knitting:
Shoulder Slope: 

Shoulder Width.


Social Media: 

Social Knitting Projects:


Stash Busting:

Stash Management:

Stitch Markers:


Storing Circular Needles: 


Survey Limitations: 

Superwash Wool:


Tech Editing:


Test Knitting:

Three Dimensional Thinking for Knitters:




Tools for Removing Lint and Pills and Cat Hair:

Ugly Christmas Sweaters:

Underarm Depth:

Up-sizing Children's patterns to Adult sizes 

Untangling yarn:

Video Links:

Vogue Knitting Magazine:

Waistline shaping methods.

Wardrobe capsules for sweaters:

Wardrobe Planning for Knitters:

Why are Knitting and Crochet so often Confused?: 

Why We Knit:

Writing patterns:

Yarn and Fibre Guide: 

Yarn Bias (Twisting)

Yarn Characteristics: 

Yarn Labels:

Yarn Ply:

Yarn Quality:

Yarn Shop Interviews:

Yarn Stitch Markers:

Yarn Substitution:

YarnOver SleepOver: 

Yarn The Movie:


Designer and Miscellaneous Industry Series Interview Series 
(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Alexis Adrienne
Grace Akhrem
Ash Alberg
Anniken Allis
Irina Anikeeva 
Kessa Tay Anlin
Mary Annarella
Kate Atherley
Jennie Atkinson
Veronik Avery
Laura Aylor
Annie Baker
Toby Roxane (Barna)
Carolyn Barnett 
Rose Beck
Cheryl Beckerich
Nora Bellows
Lorilee Beltman
Theresa Belville
Barbara Benson
Melanie Berg
Michele Lee Bernstein
Anne Berk
Boadicea Binnerts
Monique Boonstra
JC Briar
Christiane Burkhard
Aiste Butkeviciene
Chris Bylsma
Gwen Bortner
Kelly Brooker
Larissa Brown
Beth Brown-Reinsel
Julia Bryant
Jutta Bucker
Ann Budd
Nancy Bush
Glenna C.
Anne Carroll Gilmour
Eileen Casey
Vicky Chan
Laura Chau
Holly Chayes
Lisa Chemery
Mari Chiba
Therese Chynoweth
Mel Clark
Jean Clement
Anna Cohen
Thea Colman
Anne Corcoran
Cosette Cornelius Bates
Linda Courtney
Lily Chin 
Lisa Craig
Jennette Cross
Anna Dalvi
Kathleen Dames
Francoise Danoy
Jennifer Dassau
Heather Dixon
Dana Dodge
Stephanie Dosen
Donna Druchunas
Judith Durant
Teva Durham
Michael Dworjan
Allyson Dykhuizen
Jil Eaton
Monie Ebner
Nancy Eiseman
Candace Eisner Strick
Fiona Ellis
Drew Emborsky
Moira Engel
Nicky Epstein
Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
Vanessa Ewing
Jenny Faifel
Elizabeth Fallone
Julia Farwell-Clay
Kaffe Fassett
Elizabeth Felgate
Carol Feller
Miriam Felton
Tabi Ferguson
Corrina Ferguson
Jared Flood
Erika Flory
Maureen Foulds
Katya Frankel
Judy Furlong
Cindy Garland
Chrissy Gardiner
Bente Geil
Joy Gerhardt
Cristina Ghirlanda
Melanie Gibbons
Kate Gilbert
Girly Knits (Lauren Riker)
Faina Goberstein
Melissa Goodale
Laurie Goldiuk
Clarice Gomes
Megan Goodacre
Svetlana Gordon
Jocelyn Grayson
Elizabeth Green-Musselman
Alison Green Will
Teresa Gregorio
Barbara Gregory
Sara Gresbach
Megan Grewal
Amy Gunderson
Tori Gurbisz
Kirsten Gustafson-Kapur
Jen Hagan
Angela Hahn
Helen Hamann
Lana Hames
Alice Hammer
Hunter Hammersen
Carri Hammett
Anne B Hanssen
Susanna Hansson
Sivia Harding
Patricia Hart
Francine Hebert
Tabetha Hedrick
Amy Herzog
Taiga Hilliard
Sidsel J Høivik
Jenise Hope
Deb Hoss
Vivian Hoxbro
Jana Huck
Kalurah Hudson
Michelle Hunter
Vladimira Ilkovicova
Bristol Ivy
Ann-Marie Jackson
Stefanie Japel
Andi Javori
Anna Johanna
Joanna Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Meghan Jones
Jimenez Joseph
Andrea Jurgrau
Andrea Jurgrau, updated
Randi K
Amanda Kaffka
Mags Kandis
Kirsten Kapur
Kirsten Kapur updated
Lisa Kay
Faye Kennington
Simone Kereit
Ann Kingstone
Kelene Kinnersly
Heidi Kirrmaier
Audrey Knight
Erika Knight
Ashley Knowlton
Willow and Sasha Knox
Isabell Kraemer
Joleen Kraft
Michelle Krause
Terri Kruse
Anna Kuduja
Anne Kuo Lukito
Agnes Kutas-Keresztes
Mary-Ann Lammers
Lori Law
Janine Le Cras
Yvonne Leduc
Ilga Leja
Keith Leonard
Cynthia Levy
Amanda Lilley
Jody Long
Justyna Lorkowska
Elizabeth Lovick
Catherine Lowe
Jen Lucas
Jodie Lucas
Lacie Lynnae
Jessica L'Heureux
Brandon Mably
Hanna Maciejewska
Marnie Maclean
Helene Magnusson
Maria Magnusson (Olsson)
Nancy Marchant
Liz Marino
Judy Marples
Janelle Martin
Linda Marveng
Maureen Mason-Jamieson
Katherine Matthews
Marie Mayhew
Sue McCain
Elizabeth McCarten
Ann McCauley
Kelly McClure
Melissa McColl
Grace Mcewen
Joan Mcgowan Michael
Sandra McIver
Lynette Meek
Carla Meijsen
Sally Melville
Cassie Miller 
Michelle G. Miller
Valerie Miller
Lorna Miser
Annie Modesitt
Sarah Montie
Melissa Morgan Oakes
Jean Moss
Michaela Moores
Dagmar Mora
Elizabeth Morrison
Zoe Moulton
Mary Jane Mucklestone
Ewelina Murach
Ann Myrhe
Shireen Nadir
Ute Nawratil
Deborah Newton
Wendy Neal
Aoibhe Ni 
Cheryl Niamath
Christelle Nihoul
Megan Nodecker
Yvette Noel
Kate Oates
Ambah O'brien
Shannon Okey
Raquel Oliveira
Kristin Omdahl
Amy O'Neil Houck
Luise O'Neill
Tetiana Otruta
Shirley Paden
Erica Patberg
Laura Patterson
Natalie Pelykh
Beatrice Perron Dahlen
Staci Perry
Xandy Peters
Wendy Peterson
Lorraine Pistorio
Alicia Plummer
Anne Podlesak
Irina Poludnenko
Michelle Porter
Alasdair Post-Quinn
Holly Priestley
Kephren Pritchett
Margaret Radcliffe
Leigh Radford 
Nat Raedwulf
Kari-Helene Rane
Andrea Rangel
Ashley Rao
Lauren Riker (Girly Knits)
Mia Rinde
Kourtney Robinson
Cirilia Rose
Helen Rose
Katarina Rosen 
Emily Ross
Mindy Ross
Annie Rowden
Toby Roxane (Barna)
Helene Rush
Alla Saenko
Christopher Salas
Tuulia Salmela
Betty Salpekar
Vera Sanon
Susan Sarabasha
Melissa Schaschwary 
Sarah Schira
Joan Schrouder
Zuri Scrivens
Barbara Selesnick
Natalie Selles
Natalie Servant
Dorothy Siemens
Suvi Simola, updated
Suvi Simola
Brian Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Marie Grace Smith
Hilary Smith Callis
Jane Slicer-Smith
Lara Smoot 
Diane Soucy
Inês Sousa
Courtney Spainhower
Kathleen Sperling
Carolyn Steinford
Mary Ann Stephens
Lea Stern
Anna Sudo
Carol Sulcoski
Carol Sunday
Nicola Susen
Janet Szabo
Alice Tang
Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
Tatiana Tatianina
Leah B Thibault
Tammy Eigeman Thompson
Jane Thornley 
Louise Tilbrook
Alex Tinsley
Deborah Tomasello
Ela Torrente
Julia Trice
Diana Troldahl
Julie Turjoman
Kennita Tully
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Denise Twum
Nikki Van de Car
Amy van de Laar
Nathalie Vasilieva
Katherine Vaughan
Jutta von Hinterm Stein
Lori Versaci
Susanne Visch
Svetlana Volkova
Corrine Walcher
Patti Waters
Ann Weaver
Melissa Wehrle
Robynn Weldon
Emily Wessel (Tin Can Knits)
Karie Westermann
Mary White
Nancy Whitman
Jenny Wiebe
Linda Wilgus
Jenn Wisbeck
Amanda Woeger
Jill Wolcott
Myra Wood
Woolly Wormhead
Holli Yeoh
Joanne Yordanou
Mona Zillah
Kathy Zimmerman
Heather Zoppetti
Laura Zukaite

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